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Hygiene Team Leader

40 - 0 / per week - Full-Time

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Carry out physical activities related to the hygiene of the production lines as required in the Interim Cleaning procedures (CIC procedures compliance) to ensuring physical, microbiological, Allergenic and Chemical hazards are controlled.
  • To ensure chemical control compliance in the factory carrying out monitoring checks on concentration, safe and secure storage, and stock availability.
  • Responsible for GMP compliance in the tray washing area.
  • Support for staff management in the tray washing area.
  • Verify compliance with Chlorine application on Floors (application frequency and chlorine Concentration)
  • Monitoring of cleaning activities carried out by production teams, driving improvements as required.
  • Perform the ATP swabs in compliance with the interim cleaning environmental monitoring and ensuring corrective actions if required for out of specification results/trends.
  • Play an active role in the microbiological improvement action plan working with the production team to drive high hygiene standards.
  • Support the Site Standards Manager and QA Team in microbiological investigations for out of specification hygiene results.
  • Control of Hygiene paperwork ensuring completion is accurate and complete for all task’s hygiene based during production hours. Review, maintenance, and collection of day shift Hygiene records.
  • Hygiene cleaning equipment and PPE management in place, in good condition and controlled.
  • Work positively to support the continuous improvement in the Hygiene systems and physical compliance.
  • Fully understand and comply with all department and company policies and guidelines.
  • Any other duties or project work may be assigned as deemed necessary to the needs of the business.

Key Accountabilities: 

  • Lines to be cleaned in line with the Interim Cleaning Procedure – Daily, no contamination issues
  • Production cleaning activities to be monitored – Daily, no contamination issues
  • Chemicals to be checked and concentrations to be accurate – Daily, full documentation.
  • Hygiene / Traywash GMP – Daily, Green standards, actions implemented to address NC’s.
  • ATP monitoring – Daily, OOS issues addressed, trends reduced.
  • Hygiene paperwork – Daily, complete and accurate