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Why Work For Sigma?

Our greatest asset is our people

Customer Service Team Manager

£26,000 Per Annum + Unsocial Hours £180 Per month

Customer Service Team Manager

Location: Birmingham, initially working from home

Salary: £26,000 Per Annum + Unsocial Hours £180 Per month 

Hours: Evening 3-10pm and Sat or Sun (alternative) 9am – 5pm   

Leading by example

Our Team Managers know that to be successful and credible in their role, they need to be role models. They would never ask their team to complete tasks that they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves, helping to create a positive and productive working environment. Because we do more.


Taking pride in their own and their team’s performance. They understand exactly what excellent looks like and they strive to exceed that standard every day. Taking every opportunity to learn and improve on what they have done before, constantly trying to surpass their previous achievements. They know that they cannot succeed without the hard work and commitment of their team, and ensure that they give their time and energy to improving their team member’s performance.

Learning and Developing

Because the more we learn, the more we achieve. Our Team Managers know that a big part of engaging their team is helping them to learn, develop and achieve their goals. They know that the more they learn the more they stand out from their colleagues, they more they can do to support and nurture their team. If an opportunity comes up for their team members they support and encourage them, seeing their success as also being their own. Inspiring confidence and supporting progression.

Love change

Managing people through change can be a challenge, but our Team Managers welcome it. They understand that without change we don’t get growth and opportunity, and it’s those that lead to success. Through coaching and nurturing they build high performing teams that quickly and smoothly adapt to changing business needs and priorities. Because flexibility brings opportunity.

Policies and procedures

We know that sticking to the rules is important, but we also know that managing people means that there are going to be exceptions to those rules. Our Team Managers are experts on internal policies and procedures and apply them to their teams fairly, ensuring transparent and consistent management of their teams. They are human though, and when things need extra time, care and attention they give it without question.

Compliance and quality

Understanding the rules and requirements of our clients and their regulators is essential for our Team Managers. Without this understanding they will struggle to achieve the quality standards we expect from them. They see compliance regulations and guidance as a help and not a hindrance.

Personal development

Whether their next goal is to achieve their performance and quality targets or to take the next step in their career, our Team Managers take pride in what they have already achieved and look forward to see what they can do next.

What will you bring to the role?

You’ll love working with people, interacting with people and being challenged by people

You’ll love the challenge of developing and nurturing people, whether that be a star or under performer

You’ll be organised and disciplined, able to manage your own time and workload

You’ll enjoy the challenge of working to targets and managing people to help them achieve their targets

You’ll use great communication skills to get the best from a situation and the best from your team

You’ll love learning, and take every opportunity to have feedback and use it to improve

You’ll be comfortable using a PC and speaking over the phone


What you have need to have done before:

Experience of working in a Contact Centre

What you may have done before:

Managing, leading and motivating people Coaching and supporting 

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